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Semiconductors & Electronic Devices

With an advanced technology and rich lineups Mitsubishi semiconductors meet the needs evolving with the times. Setsuyo Astec provides optimum system solution in various areas while developing unique and attractive products. Setsuyo Astec makes a commitment to satisfy your integrated requirements covering from system development to the delivery support.

Power Module

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Growing awareness of global warming, for saving energy we widely utilize inverter in the fields from home appliances to industrial equipment. We propose to supply "a kit solution", which is mainly consisted of Mitsubishi power module including peripheral passive and active components.

Current sensor

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An industry leader with a strong track record in industrial, vehicle-mounted and measurement applications, Kohshin has a product lineup meeting a wide range of user needs.

IGBT Driver

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IGBT control requires driving circuits that allow high-speed control. This product consists of an IGBT driving circuit designed as a hybrid IC to achieve a driving circuit that satisfies the main requirements for IGBT driving circuits, namely the design of protective circuitry and reduction of IGBT switching loss.

LED Lighting

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LED-lighting use has been rapidly spreading as environment-friendly lighting in recent years, because of its features such as low power consumption and long life. Citize Electronics meets our customers' needs by utilizing our original packaging technology and providing various products characterized by high power, high efficiency, and high color rendering