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Exhibition of industrial LED lighting products in Thailand

Our group presented products related to our industrial LED lighting lineup at LED Expo Thailand 2016 held in Bangkok on April 2016.

This Expo is the largest international expo held in ASEAN nations for LED-related products and technologies, and it became a huge success with around 400 companies attending this exhibition..

On the third year of our participation in this Expo, we presented products through a joint exhibit with LED package manufacturer, Citizen Electronics Co., Ltd. and connector manufacturer, SMK Corporation, featuring products related to industrial LED lighting (connectors, power units, heat sinks and other related products).
Through demonstration of actual high-bay lights and streetlights and so on, a large number of visitors experienced these products first-hand and we received positive feedback from our distributors and visitors.

A large number of visitors not only from Thailand but also from other ASEAN nations attended the Expo, we clearly understood an increase of lighting-related companies from all regions, have a view to export their wares to other neighboring countries, addition to their own countries as a result of the inauguration of the AEC (ASEAN Economic Community) at the end of 2015.

Based on our motto of “Improving Customer Satisfaction,” we aim to expand sales of “Setsuyo LED lighting solutions” specializes in industrial lighting applications including Citizen Electronics, SMK and other partner products not only in Thailand but throughout the entire Setsuyo Network.